Academic project.

ETSAM. UPM. Mentor: Mansilla + Tuñon Architects.

The project proposes an open space with a program which rearranges the existing plot. Furthermore, it links several realities of the city of Casablanca. On the one hand, slums, on the other hand, the new city. In order to do this, the public square is planned to integrate a market and public school. This architectural intervention is conceived such as a space system. So, there are full and empty spaces, temporary roofing and permanent shadows where the limit is sometimes a simple sheet of water.

Casablanca Open Centre has been thinking from the territorial scale to construction detail. It has been projected such as urban scene that reflects the life of Casablanca. Moroccan culture enjoys public space such as a meeting place where citizens can relate to one another.

Additionally, it has been generated a full range of uses with few elements. This happens in Jemaa el Fna, the main square in Marrakech. The project makes it possible with temporary scenarios, projection walls during the night or covered space in daylight hours. Only two pieces of the project have a specific use. The temporal and fix market are placed in the south. In the opposite place, it’s the public school conceived from Arabic style courtyards. This building is designed with spaces to develop activities such as photography, music, theatre or painting. Open Centre Casablanca is a challenge in creating public space for citizens regardless of their social and cultural status.