Master thesis.

ETSAM. UPM. Mentor: F. Casqueiro, J. Ibáñez.

The main aim of my thesis is to propose a new pedestrian and safe traffic corridor. This structure is raised above the current buildings. Fulcrums were placed in unused plots where the public squares are set. In this way, intersections are selected to set up the most important buildings where schools constitute the tallest structures of Cañada Real Galiana.

The construction technique is designed in accordance with the proposed implementation system. Some of these features are the dry, screw and removable construction. Triangular lattices of bolted steel profiles fit the territory. The structural capacity is achieved by the edge of the celosia. The external face of the facades is conceived as filters with different degree of permeability that depend on its orientation and internal use.

Cañada Real Galiana is a Madrid slum which has fourteen kilometres long and one hundred meters in the widest zone. It’s an informal settlement that has occupied the public soil for livestock use. This phenomenon has happened since 1975, in fact, Cañada is defined as a cattle route. Actually, it is a European favela, a suburb consented, an attack on the urbanity of the capital of Spain.